About Us

BP (Bio-based Plastic and Packaging) Consulting. Inc, was established in 2007 for developing new products using Ingeo™ Polymer from NatureWorks LLC. We are very interested in this annual renewable material and its capability.
          We are developing unique Ingeo™ based products. We trust bio-degradable products have to be "Compostable". We use Ingeo™ as the base material for all our products lines. Moreover, in order to reduce environmental impact, we use inorganic substance, existing in Earth, and food ingredient as modifiers. We are developing and producing unique compostable products from the modifiers and our converting technologies.
          We aim at providing unique compostable Ingeo™ products which meet our partners from all over the worlds and YOUR needs.


In order to expand the market of compostable products, we are providing two major services. Please feel free to contact us any inquiries.


We are the distributor of Ingeo™ from NatureWorks LLC in Japan’s market. We have inventory of several Ingeo™ Polymer grades in Japan and supply low materials to the customers in Japan.


We are developing several unique Ingeo™ based products using our modifier made of inorganic substances or food ingredient. And we establish our converting technologies to produce high quality compostable products.